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Alexis Ebert is the “Marilyn Monroe of The Back Woods!”

“I fell in love with Marilyn Monroe as a child and I grew up in Oregon farm country; so, I can honestly say, ‘I’m a little classy - a little trashy.’ And I’m good with that; dolled-up or tromping through the mud, I’m comfortable in my skin.”


Alexis is a free-spirited wild child who lives for adventure yet is tamed by a peaceful silence that comes from within. She spent her childhood in a wholesome environment where Mother Nature worked her magic to stimulate creativity and a stillness to breathe-in her wondrous gifts.

“I’m cut from a cloth made up of sound morals, hard work and hustle; it’s part of my fiber...and I am blessed. I’ve learned the value of being humble and I welcome a kind peace that can only come from the love of God, my family and my faith.”

Alexis began singing professionally when she was just six years old. The second grader performed at pizza parlors, in karaoke bars and nursing homes before she landed her first professional gig. She opened for country legend Tanya Tucker (who also launched her career at a very young age) at the Oregon Jamboree and, in what seemed like overnight, a little star was born. The opportunity opened the flood gates to enable the young, spunky country singer to secure a number of opening slots sharing the same stage as Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire, Sugarland, Trace Adkins and many more.

“My ‘go-to’ tracks were ‘Guys Do It All The Time’ (Mindy McCready) and ‘Independence Day’ (Martina McBride).”

Just a year later, the self-taught instrumentalist (Alexis plays five instruments including guitar, piano and drums) received the honorable invitation to play before President Bill Clinton in Portland, Oregon. She wowed the dignitary with her performances of “Cowboy Sweetheart” and the National Anthem.

Alexis and her family originally had tickets to see Shania Twain in concert—with tickets purchased months in advance. Alexis forfeited the outing to see the Pop Queen of Country LIVE to accept the invitation to perform for The President.

“I must say; I’m sorry that Alexis had to miss the Shania Twain concert, but if Shania had heard her sing, she might have thought it was the other way around. She was great. You (Alexis) have a great gift, young lady, and I wish you well...” -- President Clinton

“It was a very hard decision...Shania...or The President... My school bus driver actually helped me to make the decision. I missed the concert, but when Shania heard about my story (and my dilemma), she invited my family and I backstage for a meet and greet. It was a win-win for me!”


“Singing and performing is just something I knew I was born—destined—to do. My mom, too, was a dreamer in her youth and I convinced her to pack-up the car to help me chase my dream of becoming a country star. Off we went; she took me to Vegas.”

Alexis landed most of her gigs by word-of-mouth recommendations. She and her mom traveled to fair and festival conventions just to make introductions.

“I would set up and serve water to the registrants just introduce myself; ‘Hi, I’m Alexis and I sing!’ Of course, at that age, they’d ask me to sing something and I’d just belt it out...and I got some gigs!”


Twelve-year-old Alexis, whose musical tastes were influenced by Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, Tanya Tucker and Elvis, landed an audition for “Country Tonight.” (The show sought an entertainer that could sing, dance and act. It was a month-long trial in Sin City.) Her audition repertoire was expansive and impressive [including one of country music’s all-time traditional favorites, “Blue Moon Of Kentucky,” “Up” (Shania Twain), “Country Boys And Girls Down On The Farm” (Tim McGraw), “Stars And Stripes” (Aaron Tippin) along with her own original tune, “Here For Me”].


Alexis made the grade and joined the cast of 60; she performed two shows a day, six-days-a-week over the course of a six-month tour before becoming a teenager.

“The experience for me, or anyone at any age or stage in their musical journey, was immeasurable. It was a boot camp that taught me not only how to sing a song for the audience but how to truly entertain the audience. I think the opportunity helped me (and my family) to realize my passion, tenacity and drive to pursue a music career—to realize my dream!”

That “boot camp” helped Alexis Ebert to become a must-see sultry rampage on stage. She’s not in Branson anymore!



The timing was perfect for Alexis’ “arrival” in Music City, Tennessee (2003). Young singers such as LeAnn Rimes, Jessica Andrews and Billy Gilman had made their way up the charts; their early successes led them to become award winners and household names, which positioned Alexis perfectly. Alexis captured the attention and ears of Warner Bros. bigwigs Tom Whalley and Jeff Aldrich (Los Angeles) who introduced her to renowned Grammy Award winning producer Paul Worley (of Dixie Chicks, Big & Rich, Lady Antebellum fame). Worley threw a label deal on the table nearly on the spot. Alexis signed with Warner Bros. in 2004 as well as a major publishing deal. She recorded an entire album (featuring 12 Alexis Ebert originals) with Worley and Kyle Lehning producing. Plans were “in the works” for a debut single at country radio...

“I was just moments away from releasing my first single, when a new ‘chief’ was seated at Warner Bros. He cleaned house and I was part of the sweep!”

The bump in the road didn’t deter the teenager. At 14, Alexis secured a track spotlighted in the hit Disney movie “Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen” (staring Lindsay Lohan); the soundtrack (featuring Ebert’s performance of the original tune “The Real Me”) sold more than 650,000 copies.

With grit and determination, Alexis continued to plow in Nashville, writing to hone her craft. Her perseverance paid off. Alexis signed a staff writer deal with Sony ATV Publishing and later landed a cameo role in the 2014 film “Like A Country Song” starring Billy Ray Cyrus; two Alexis Ebert songs —“Real Woman” and “My Kind Of Guy” — appear on the soundtrack.

“By the time I was 14, I had experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in the music business. But, I’m still here to tell the story...I never gave up on my dream.”


Alexis’ journey has taken her to the place where she’s meant to be. She recently signed with manager Tammy Hyler of Smashville Entertainment and a co-venture publishing deal with two of the most prominent independent publishing companies on The Row (Wrensong Music Publishing and Rezonant Music Publishing). Alexis is positioned to show her stuff in a series of single releases slated to rollout in 2019 including the Alexis Ebert signature tunes “Wanted,” “Trailer Trashed” and her debut single, “Ride Or Die,” set to debut at country radio in March 2019.

In her natural-born charge to survive, thrive and pave her way to make her mark in the country music industry, Alexis remains true to her very being with every fiber within her, and in kinship with her lifeblood—her music. It’s “Ride Or Die” for Alexis Ebert. So, jump on!

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